Sports Eventology

Engage your coworkers, friends and family in your next event.

Due to COVID-19 all events

are postponed until further notice

Amateur Leagues

We handle any sporting events from A-Z, In addition, we organize annual amateur league in all sports.
Contact Us if you have an idea or view our portfolio to know more about our previous events
Amateur Leagues

Corporate Events

From our annual corporate events to yours, we can handle the events from A-Z making them enjoyable and competitive. Whether your event is for fundraising or employee bonding contact us for a free consultation. Or check out our previous events.

Little Leagues

We provide your kids with a safe, competitive and fun environment. They will  learn everything about any of the sports we provide by practicing with their team and get to play games against peer teams. Contact us for more info.

We cater for all of your sporting events!

Summer Camps

Summer Camps are a great way for your kids to socialize with other kids, have fun, while learn something new. Our summer camps are a guaranteed fun for all the kids. For more info contact us. 

Outdoor Adventures

We provide weekly or monthly tours offering Hiking, cycling and other fun activities. Ending the adventure with a safe and fun place for a family picnic or a barbecue. This activity will commence as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic ends.